NRNA Australia - Background / Mission

To unite all Non Resident Nepali (NRNs) people through out the Australia under an umbrella to form a unified and institutional movement to achieve the mutual benefit between all NRNs and people of Nepal.

NRN Australia Vision

Our main aim is to lobby the Nepal Government to legislate in favor of all NRNs such as dual citizenship and creating favorable investment environment in Nepal, which will benefit both NRNs and the people of Nepal.


To unite and keep all NRNs informed of the current political development in Nepal concerning all NRNs.
To voice and lobby in favor of dual citizenship laws in Nepal
To institutionalize, facilitate and encourage the potential investors to invest in Nepal
To explore any opportunity and implement the community welfare projects in Nepal
To liaise and constantly involve in NRN Movement globally through ICC
To produce and encourage more vibrant leadership for NRN movement that could give it a meaningful direction in future.
To promote NRN brand throughout the Australian Nepali Community.

What is NRN Movement?

It is an institutionalized and unified movement of all NRNs living in overseas and who have been away from Nepal for over 183 days. It would also cover the People of Nepali Origin (PNO) permanently resides in overseas.

What has happened so far?

First and second global conference involving Nepal Government and representation from NRNs throughout the world, FNCCI, media and other participants. There were successfully concluded with a formal agreement called KATHMANDU DECLARATION .
Two Regional conference at global level concluded in Doha (Qatar) and Bonn (Germany)
NRN institution has established itself, as one of strong stakeholder to be considered in developing of Nepal hence the need to acknowledge their rights is prime agenda for all sectors.
National Coordination Committee is formed in more than 30 countries where Nepalis are residing and the trend only continues to grow.
NRNs have already commenced implementing their projects in areas of development, community welfare, education and general investment.
The institution has established itself as a representative voice of more than 1.4 million NRNs across the world and everyone is optimistic about its future direction.

Major Activities to date

The principal activities of the association since it was established were:
January 2005- Ad hoc Committee formed from a wider community gathering
July 2005- NRN national Conference held in Sydney after a wider publicity and open invitation in the community to all NRNs.
July 2005- NRN National Coordination Committee NCC) known as NRN Australia was established.
October 2005- Australian participation and active involvement in Second Global Conference in Kathmandu. Ms Indra Ban (ICC Vice President) and Mr. Deepak Khadka (ICC Member) were elected executive members representing Australia region.
April 2006- Historical success of Nepal Festival 2006 organized in conjunction with all Non- resident Nepalis in Australia including all community organizations, business community, interstate representatives, Nepal tourism Board, Nepalese Consulate in Sydney.
April 2006 – Donated $1, 000.00 to Nepal's Movement Victim Fund
May 2006- Barrister and solicitor Shamser Sing Thapa in elected as NRN ICC Co-opted Member with full approval by ICC. His name was proposed from the floor during Second Global Conference in Kathmandu in 2005.
June 2006- Australian participation and active involvement in Second Regional Conference in Bonn, Germany, Mr. Jay Dhungel whose name was approved from the proposed names from the floor during the Second Global Conference in Kathmandu, was elected as ICC Co-opted member
December 2006 – Handed over the letter of Memorandum to Mr. Madhav K Nepal – MP and General Secretary CPN - UML, Mr. Mahendra Pandy – MP /Chief Whip of CPN-UML and Dr. Om Gurung – General Secretary of Nepal Federation of Indigenous Nationalities on NRN Bills, dual citizenship issues.
Donated $1000.00 to NRN Library Kathamandu Nepal
February 2007 - Released 200 Nepal Festival 2006 DVDs
June 2007 -Donated U$1,000.00 to NRN Devghat Briddhashram Project Nepal

Future Direction

Connecting Nepali businesses and communities under one umbrella for the matter of common interest.
Promote Nepali culture and tourism to Nepal in Australia
Create and connect investment opportunities in Nepal from interested NRNs and other potential investors.
Implement ICC initiatives to country chapter level within Australia
Communicate NRN movement achievements and concurrent issues to all NRNs in Australia
Promote skill database amongst all NRNs in Australia as initiated by Kathmandu Declaration
Launch membership initiative amongst all NRNs for raising its administrative funds and facilitate the process of securing legal rights for all NRNs. To do this we would need the exact statistics, which may be requested by Nepal Government.
Initiate feasibility study on community hall project
Stage Nepal Festival in every two year at the prime location such as Darling Harbour
Stage Nepal Festival in every one year at the non prime location to keep the sprit of NRN Community in Australia
Build network with the federal and local government's departments to get grant for conducting the community activities
Initiate feasibility study on granting charity status of NRN Australia which will help us to get tax deductible donation from the community
Prepare Yearly Operational Calendar to avoid the duplication of community activities with other Nepalis community associations.


We can't dream of having all of our rights secured by Nepal Government without our involvement. We all want issues of dual citizenship, property rights, citizenship for our new generation in Nepal etc. The only way we can secure these rights is by producing a unified voice and pressure group in the form of NRN movements and understanding what our obligations are to achieve these rights. There is no such a thing as free lunch. “We must be in it to win it!”